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Benefits Of Emu Oil
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Benefits of Emu Oil

Hair loss can occur mainly on head.it can happens at any age and also 50% of male population faces hair loss.it is not easy to identify the reason for the hair loss but in general known reasons are genertics,medication ,strees and poor diet.

The number of follicles in the scalp is around 100,0000 and follicles are never added during life Normal anatomy, Hairs grow from follicles, which are invaginations of the superficial epithelium in the skin. On average, an adult scalp contains 100,000 follicules. The maximum number of hair follicles is present at birth. Thus the concentration of scalp hair follicles decreases as the head enlarges. Current biopsy data suggest that the estimated 800 follicles per cm- at birth decreases to approximately 300 per cm' in adult life. Each hair is composed of the cortex, containing elongated, keratinized cells, surrounded by a cuticle of overlapping flattened cells with their free margins pointing upwards to the hair tip. Thick hairs may have a central medulla. Hair cells are produced from a matrix of specialized epidermal cells which surround a small invagination of dermis at the base of the follicle,Melanocytes in the bulb hair add pigment to newly formed cells.

The surface of the skin is the hair root, which is enclosed within a hair follicle. At the base of the hair follicle is the dermal papilla. The dermal papilla is feed by the bloodstream which carries nourishment to produce new hair. The dermal papilla is a structure very important to hairgrowth because it contains receptors for male hormones and androgens. Androgens regulate hairgrowth and in scalp hair Androgens may cause the hair follicle to get progressively smaller and the hairs to become finer in individuals who are genetically predisposed to this type of hair loss.

For healthy hair growth dermal papilla and follicles needs to be healthy and hundreds and thousands of hair follicels can stop hair grouth due to scalp and dust and if follicels are closed, it wont allow hair to come out from dermal papilla

How Hair loss Occurs

Emu Oil penetrates human skin faster and no other oil can penetrate much effective as emu oil.

Growing stage of hair needs faty acids for healthy hair growth and closed follicels needs to be clean up from scalps and dirt. Emu oil first cleans up the follicels and helps hair to re-grow from the dermal papilla and emu oil has fatty acids (Omega 3,5 and 9) and this keeps hair more healthy and helps hair to re-grown from dead follicles and prevents hair from further loss.

If hair growth is slower in follicels then emu oil helps hair to grow faster and fatty acids which helps hair to grow heatly and also prevents hair to be dry and brittle

How to apply emu oil for hair growth and hair Care

Before bath apply emu oil on head of the affected part and allow emu oil to dry for an hour Gently message form few minutes and since emu oil has faster penetrating property and not required to rub Wash hair with any desired shampoo.

Read out what hair loss origination tell about emu oil for hair re-growth Of all the compounds so far recommended in our treatment protocol topical pure emu oil has consistently gotten the most positive feedback in regards to frontal regrowth, with many users experiencing the initiation of vellous (fuzz) growth within weeks.

It is a given in hair loss treatment that frontal regrowth is much more difficult to attain than regrowth in the vertex or crown. This especially holds true of the "FDA approved " compounds Rogaine and Propecia, as test data have shown them to be of virtually no use in stimulating frontal regrowth. Why this is the case is unclear, and has been a source of frustration to those who respond well in the crown , only to have their hairline stay in its receded state. In this article we will review the medical properties of topical Emu Oil, to give a clearer understanding of the multiple mechanisms by which it supports hair growth more on... Emu Oil

How emu oil works for Hair Growth